Think about the approximate height you would like your tree. Keep in mind, typically the taller the tree, the larger the base will need to be for stability. We make furniture with trees that range between 30" to 65" tall. Taller trees may be special ordered if needed.

Furniture height

Select the button below to download our order / quote request form to get started. Once filled out, simply email it back to us for the first step towards owning your own unique piece of pet furniture you'll be proud of.

Create your own Pet furniture from our options

Customer pickups

    Whether you have us design and build your perfect tree or you purchase one from our invetory, customer pick ups are the least expensive way to transport your new furniture home. We'll work with you on the best time to pick up your furniture and have it ready for you once the time and date is set.

Local delivery option

    We also offer our customers a delivery service for a $50.00 charge anywhere in Cuyahoga county, and it's surrounding counties in Ohio. Depending on your location, deliveries outside our delivery areas can also be arranged and quoted.

Shipping through common carrier to your location

    Just like any other large piece of furniture, pet furniture can get expensive to ship through a third party common carrier depending on your location. We are pleased to offer you third party shipping option for you. We will provide you with a competitive quote for shipping to your home location whether you're ordering from our inventory or having your own tree custom designed and built.

We accept all major credit cards!

Chose your seat coverings

Choose from some of our extra options that will make you and your pet love the furniture you designed even more! You can add items like realistic artificial leaves, attached pet toys, Sisal rope for pets that have their claws, and built in food and water bowls in the base. We love hearing your special ideas or requests to help make your furniture even more unique. We will do our best to work with you to make your custom ideas apart of your final product.

Deside on the number of seats

Finishing touches

Arranging Pickups, Delivery and Shipping policy

‚ÄčChoose the number of seats you would like. You may chose from 2, 3, or 4 seats. The more seats, the larger the basic tree will need to be and along with it's base as described above.

    Select from the options shown below to have us build furniture for your special pet. No one knows what your pet likes better than you so you can custom order from the features we offer to best suit your favorite furry family member. You can also select from our wide selection of furniture from our current inventory as well for your home or pet related business.

   Select your desired base size and type. Most of our customers prefer the finished all wooden bases for a more elegant look but we also offer an all carpeted base as well. We are also excited to offer artificial grass for the top of the base that your pet will love to lay and roll in. See some examples of the different base types.

  The size of your base will be directly related to the height you chose for your tree. If your space is limited, you'll want to keep the base size around 20" square but your tree's height will be limited to maintain stability.

   Medium size trees which are anywhere from 36"-50" in height will come with a base that is 21"-24" square in shape. Our larger trees that stand  from 51"-68" tall will be made with a base that is 24"-28" square in shape.


You can chose carpet or fabric fur for the covering of your padded seats and base top. Because of the number of carpet colors availible, it's impossible to list them all. We will match your requested color as closely as possible and email you a picture of the sample for your approval. If you prefer fabric fur, we offer three basic colors, white, black and brown. Click here for samples of each fur color sample.

Furniture base type and size

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