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   Perfect Petz is a family owned business founded in 2014 and located near Cleveland, Ohio. We started much like a lot of other companies do, with the idea that there has to be something better. When it comes to pet furniture, the ordinary and mass produced products are all you'll find. We, like many other pet owners, bought numerous cat trees through the years to make our pets happy but all we want to do is hide it in the corner somewhere. After seeing a cat tree that we bought in many of our friends and relatives homes, we knew that next cat tree we wanted had to be something unique and different from the typical, mass produced options you see in every pet store. We quickly realized that all cat trees available on the market today are basically made with the same cheap materials, same basic design, and unappealing appearance.

   Knowing that we wanted something unique, durable, and attractive in our living space, we knew we were going to have make our own. With some innovative thinking, unique materials, and lots of hard work, we did just that. The response to our finished product was overwhelming. Not only did our furry family members love it immediately but it quickly became a centerpiece of conversation at our parties and home gatherings because of its unique look and appearance. It quickly became a piece of furniture that we were proud to display instead of hide in the corner.

   After designing, building and exclusively selling many more cat trees at local cat shows, we are now proud to be able to offer them to you as well. We take great pride in designing and hand building all of our furniture from scratch and sell them direct to you. Whether you buy furniture

                                                              from  our inventory or have us custom build one with your

                                                              requests and selected options in mind, you will receive a 

                                                              one of a kind, high quaility piece of furniture that your pet

                                                              will absolutely love, and so will you.

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